Transfer Factors are Nature’s Natura State-of-the-Art Immune System Fortifiers

Compare the difference.
This chart shows the results of a study conducted by Jeunesse Inc., Institute of Longevity Medicine.
The study examined the ability of nutrients to increase the effectiveness of the immune system.
196 of the world's most popular nutrients were tested along with 4Life Research's Transfer Factor products.

A4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor437%
B4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor283%
C4Life Transfer Factor Classic204%
EGeneric Transfer Factor62%
FIP6 - Inositol hexaphosphate49%
GPlant Polysaccharide Formula48%
IShiitake Mushroom42%
JCordyceps Formula28%
KBovine Colostrum26%
LEndocrine System Formula16%
MAloe Vera Concentrate (acemannan)15%
NNoni (Morinda citrifolia)15%

Transfer Factor outperforms all of the others.

Nature’s Natural State-of-the-Art Immune Fortifier:
Transfer Factor is
Education for your Immune system.
Transfer factors
  • are natural regulators of your immune system.
    Building up an underfunctioning system and calming an overfunctioning system.
  • are stored information that educates your immune system.
  • use natural amino acids to store this information. This information is common to all animal species.
  • teach your immune system how to use the nutrients that you take.
  • improve your own immune system, thereby allowing your body to heal itself.
Transfer Factor is the only nutritional product that a government agency has recommended to be used on patients in hospitals, by doctors.
After ten clinical studies on actual patients, the Russian Ministry of Health (like the FDA in the USA) sent a 32-page report to hospitals and doctors in Russia, encouraging the use of Transfer Factor for patients.